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Government College, Pattoki
Bhai Kot
Tara gardh
Alpa Kalan
Gehlan Hithar
Bhopay Wal

Government College, Pattoki

Government College Pattoki or Municipal College of Pattoki is located in Pattoki, Punjab, Pakistan, 78 km from Lahore. The college was founded in 1965 with classes held in the Zail Ghar; after two years the college moved to the present campus. The college was nationalized in 1972, by Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. It is affiliated with Board Of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Lahore and University of the Punjab.


The College is divided into these blocks:

  • Chaaghi Block

This is a new block which was built in 1998 in order to overcome the ever growing needs of students. It is named after Chaagi, where Pakistan tested its atomic powers. In this block BA classes are held. This block is also housing MA classes from 2009.

  • Science Block: This block houses the science departments of the college. The departments are; Department Of Physics, Department Of Chemistry, Department Of Mathematics, Department Of Statistics. The Laboratories of these departments are well equipped. It also house the Vice-Principal’s Office.
  • Admin Block: This is a two storyed block that has class rooms for FA. It also has a hall which is used for Examinations.
  • Computer Centre: This block was formed in 2000, in order to get students familiar with Information Technology.
  • Rana Hayat Block: This block has the office of conroller examinations. It also houses the offices of the chairpersons of Education and Urdu departments.


The college has a well-equipped library, having a vast range of books on all subjects. It was deterioated in past years due to lack of staff. But know it is well-furnished & organized. It offers a great stock of books especially on the subjects of Islamic Studies and Urdu Literature. The college library provides two English and four Urdu daily newspapers to the students. It remains open even in summer holidays for the benefit of both teachers and students.


As most of the students are Muslims in 2006 a mosque has been build for Islamic activities. Earlier the students and teachers had to go out of the college campus to meet with their religious offerings. This mosque has solved this long-standimg problem. It is beautifully furnished mosque, four toilets have also been built with it. It is open even after College timings.

Extracurricular activities

The college is very famous for keeping high standards in Sports & other competitions at the national level. In literary circle this college has good fame. It has won several awards at National Level in speeches, poetry, naats etc. From last two years the college students are getting top positions ai athletics, especially in long race and high jump. The hardwork and commitment of Professor Shahnawaz Sidhu cannot be denied in this regard, who has single handedly made these achievements possible.

Al Qalam

It is an annual digest of the college which is remarkable  in true sense of the word. It is highly acclaimed for its creative writings. In 2000, it stood second in a competition which was conducted by The Daily Jung.

Bazam e Ilam-o-Irfan

Bazam e Ilam-o-Irfan is the literary society of the college. Since its formation it has been very active to build up the intllectual growth of the students. Due to this socity the college was able to win many prizes and awards at the national level in speeches, naats, compitition etc. Among its best speakers were Professor Khalid Mahmood, Ishtiaq Ahmad, Muhammad Babar Jamil. This has been made pssible by the huge efforts of Professor Khalid Mahmood, Dr Akhtar Hussain Azmi, Professor Mian Saeed Ahmad and Professor Ikram Ul Haq.


The College has an excellent faculty to provide quality education to its students. It includes;

  • Muhammad Anwar Chaudhri MA (Economics), Principal
  • Dr Muhammad Aslam Sarohi Ph.D (Urdu)
  • Mian Saeed Ahmad MA (Islamic Studies)
  • Syed Jaffer Hussain M.Phill (Persian)
  • Khawar Khursheed Ph.D( Education)
  • Qamar Subhani M.Sc (Chemistry)
  • Dr Ejaz Nadeem Ph.D (Persian)

List of notable alumni

  • Professor Abdul Jabbar Shakir, Director General, Dawah Academy, IIUI, Islamabad, Pakistan
  • Professor Dr. Altaf Ur Rehman Barque, Ex-Chairman, Department of Animal Nutrition, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad
  • Professor Khalid Mahmood, Department Of English, Govt Islamia College Civil Lines, Lahore
  • Rana
  • Engr Saleem Shahzad, Process Engineer in Fatima Fertilizer Company Pvt.Ltd ( Pakistan Largest Fertilizer Complex ) Sadiqabad District Rahim Yar Khan.

Miss Noreen (Vice Principle Of PUNJAB COLLEGE)

Bhai Kot

Bhai Kot (Chak No. 03) is a village in Pattoki Tehsil, Kasur District, Punjab, Pakistan, about 3 kilometres (1.9 mi) from Pattoki town. Most of the population of this village consists of Meos. Other castes like Jats, Arains, and Dogars are in a minority. There are two primary schools in the village, one for girls and one for boys. Most of the people here are farmers and labourers.


There is only one high school for boys. middle school for girls. but many praivat school for girls and boys. In Jamber Rafiq Model school is very famous school. Ita patren is Shafiq Ahmad Khan (M.A B.Ed L.L.B)and Shakil Ahmad Khan (T.E). Its union counsil no is 79.


(Habib Abad) is the union council of Pattoki. It is the last union council of Kasur District. The population is about 100,000.

It was named as Habib abad in sardar araf nakai’s period. Before that it was named as (wan radha ram) the name of a Sikh who had lived there before independence. It is almost 90 kilometers from Lahore and located on the main G.T.Road. The occupation of most the people is related with agriculture and shops. Now there is a trend increasing towards education. There are many private schools working for the bright future of people. There is huge chance of improvement of education in government and private sector of Habib abad. There are number of schools and colleges. There are more than 6 industries, 4 petrol pumps, 4 CNG stations, Government and private banking and thousands of people are working there. The business of herbal medicine is most prominent part of life of people of this city. The more areas of town are bye pass, shuja market, shergarh bazar, sanda bazar, rail bazar etc. Most of the towns are under construction like Faisal town, Ashrafia town, Lalapak housing scheme etc. The main areas of Habibabad are Purani mandi, Lalazar colony, Javed nagar, Umer Abad and Karmabad.


Gop-e-rah chak 42 is a small village at a distance of almost 8 kilometers from Pattoki Tehsil, (District Kasur) in Pakistan. As, land of this village is very fertile, so, most of the people from this village are related to agriculture. Gop-e-rah is typical traditional Punjab village where people know each other for long time and live like a family. Population of Gop-e-rah is approximately 300 persons. Many young people have moved to cities for better education and better career opportunities and are no more doing agricultural work. People of Gop-e-rah belong to sunni and shia sect. Main castes in Gop-e-rah are Ghuman or Ghumman, Cheene, Mangan, Sial, Gill and others.

Gehlan Hithar

Gehlan Hithar is a town and Union Council of Kasur District, situated some 65 miles south west of Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. It is located at 30°52’0N 74°1’60E with an altitude of 174 metres (574 feet) and lies on the main Kasur-Okara road. In its vicinity is a self-planted forest named Changa Manga.

It lies in the boundaries of National Assembly consistency NA 140 and Provincial consistency PP 180. Ex foreign minister Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri has won from this area in 2002. Presently Aseff Ahmad Ali is the national assembly member from this area. He is also an ex-foreign minister of Pakistan.

The livelihood of the peoples is based on agriculture with a big share of flower growing beside wheat, rice and vegetables including potatoes and maize. The flower market recently established on the main Depalpur road is hub of fresh flower business in Punjab particularly and Pakistan as well.

The history of Gehlan is well-described in a book titled ” Gehlan Hithar -A Historic Town” by Muhammad Saddique Javed. It worth mentioning that almost 600 peoples from this town are in the teaching profession, 200 peoples are serving in armed forces and around 50 peoples are in police department. In another book titled “History of Arian” by Asghhar Ali Chaudhary page 129 also contains some description of Gehlan.

In India a village Gehlan exists near Bhawanigarh, Punjab .

Bhopay Wal

Bhopay Wal (chak 23) is a village in the southwest of Pattoki, Pakistan and center of union council. It has about 520 households and population of about 3,500. It comes under Tehsil administration of Pattoki and District administration of Kasur.


Like many villages of Punjab, Bhopay Wal depends on agriculture.

  • Government High School for Boys
    Government High School for Girls


  • Government Hospital


Bhopay Wal is a center of cultural activities of the area. There is a regular fair at the end of summer to honour local sufi Baba Gainday Shah.


  • Rana Naseer Ahmad
  • Rana Muhmmad Akram
  • Rana Akhtar Ali
  • Rana Iqbal (Late)
  • Rana Gulzaman Akhtar


Like Many Villages of Punjab,Bhopay Wal depends on agriculture.


Pattoki is the only city in the Punjab which is largely associated with the very big number of villages. The police station of the Pattoki saddar is consisting of 575 villages. Pattoki is a great business markrt in the area because people from the villages prefer to come Pattoki for their shopping.Some of the famous villaes are:

  • Kot Akbar Khan
  • Mahers(Khudian Chak No. 41)
  • Dholan Chak 7
  • Chakoki
  • Jaguwala chak No.4
  • Jaguwala chak No.40
  • Bhopay Wal
  • Halla
  • Lakhodair
  • Blair
  • Hanjerai kalan
  • Sheikhm
  • Khacha pakka
  • Padhana
  • 25 chak
  • Sraiser
  • 37 chak
  • Rukan pura chak22
  • Gehlan
  • Gehlan chak 9 multan road
  • Gohar Chak 8
  • Gop-e-rah
  • Jamsher
  • Pattoki Kohna
  • Daoke chak # 9
  • Sahjowal
  • Theng Chak 7
  • Wander
  • Bath Kalan
  • Dillo Multani
  • Ojla
  • Burj Mahalam
  • Mundaikee
  • Beharwal
  • Hussain Khan Wala
  • Habibabad
  • Bugghi Sher Ali
  • Alpa Kalan
  • Kot Jagat Singh
  • Kot Dula Singh
  • Sadhari Kay
  • Dhengri
  • Mallawala
  • Aammwala
  • Megha
  • jhook Balochan
  • Naroki Mahja
  • Soorsingh
  • Chela
  • Din Pur (Doba)
  • Tara gardh
  • Jamber
  • Bhai Kot Chak No.03
  • Kot Mehtab Near Canal Pattoki
  • Bhaidian Chak #35
  • Blair
  • Kacha Pakka
  • Lakho Dair
  • Mudder Khaee

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