5. Culture

The culture of Pattoki is multifaceted. It is highly influenced by the village people,who constitute a big part of the population. The commercial area of Pattoki is dominated by the Sheikhs, who control most of the business of the city. People take an active part in all the religious festivals. There is always a lot activity on Eid, Ramadan, Moharram etc. The city of Pattoki is divided into three Union Councils. Union Council number 1 contains one the best residential areas of the town like Abbas Park,Ahmad Nagar (Muhammad anees khan mayo adocate) Faisal Colony, Asif Colony,Badar Colony, Eid Gah, Gulshan-e-Subhan, Tahir Colony and Bhedian. It also houses the buildings of Tehsil Administration and the Civil Courts. While the Union Council number 2 is the commercial area of the town. The Union Council III is known as Purani Mandi or Old Market.

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