A city of saints

Pattoki is famous for its saints, called Sufies. Baba Abbas Ali Shah is the most famous of all. Throughout his life he spoke of love for both man & animals. He kept a pack of dog which demonstrated his love for animals. He propagarted the message of love till his death. A tradition goes that he also told the day & time of his death to his deciples. A huge Urs(fair) takes place on his shrine every year on 6th of September.Shair Shah Wali, Baba Daang Shah, La’lan Kay Laal, Baba Talib and Baba Ismaeel are others.Peer Sayed Mazher Hussain Shah and his Father Peer Sayed Karam Shah were also very famous in Bughayana and Bhai Pheru (Phool Nager).Many miracles of Peer Sayed Mazher Shah are well known.

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