Pattoki is having a higher literacy rate when it is compared with other towns of the country. It is made possible due to its prolific educational institutions. They include:

  • Government College, Pattoki
  • Government College For Women, Pattoki
  • Government College Of Commerce, Pattoki
  • Government Vocational Institute, Pattoki
  • Government High School, Pattoki
  • Government Girls High School, Pattoki
  • Government Girls High School Bhedian, Pattoki
  • Government Islamia High School, Pattoki
  • Government Middle School Bhedian, Pattoki
  • Government Elementry School Purani Mandi, Pattoki
  • Muslim Model High School, Pattoki
  • Mohammadan Model High School (updated)
  • First Nation School, Pattoki
  • The Educators, Sir Syed Campus, Pattoki
  • Paragon Public High School, Pattoki
  • The Knowledge School, Pattoki Campus
  • Daar-e-Arqam, Pattoki
  • Al Faisal ideal High School Pattoki
  • Al Faisal College Of Computer Sciences Pattoki
  • Wazir Model School Pattoki

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