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Bhopay Wal

Bhopay Wal

Bhopay Wal (chak 23) is a village in the southwest of Pattoki, Pakistan and center of union council. It has about 520 households and population of about 3,500. It comes under Tehsil administration of Pattoki and District administration of Kasur.


Like many villages of Punjab, Bhopay Wal depends on agriculture.

  • Government High School for Boys
    Government High School for Girls


  • Government Hospital


Bhopay Wal is a center of cultural activities of the area. There is a regular fair at the end of summer to honour local sufi Baba Gainday Shah.


  • Rana Naseer Ahmad
  • Rana Muhmmad Akram
  • Rana Akhtar Ali
  • Rana Iqbal (Late)
  • Rana Gulzaman Akhtar


Like Many Villages of Punjab,Bhopay Wal depends on agriculture.

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